Duplicate Titles in Maryland

Get Your Maryland Duplicate Titles Fast!

The Maryland MVA no longer provides same day duplicate titles. If you order a duplicate title from the MVA whether on-line or in person, you will receive the title in the mail. This takes around 7 to 10 business days. At Your Tag & Title, we can usually get duplicate titles in 1-2 business days

Reasons to Get a Duplicate Title

Every vehicle should have a title that shows who the current owner of the vehicle is. Here are a few circumstances under which you might request a duplicate title.

  • Lost or Destroyed Title: The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will grant you a duplicate title if your original title is lost, destroyed, altered, mutilated or damaged.
  • Title Alterations: It’s important for the information on your title to be completely accurate at all times. If you change your name, or if your current Certificate of Title has incorrect information, you should request a duplicate title.
  • Clear Titles: If you finished paying your vehicle the lien holder will send you a release of title. In order to remove the lien holder from the title is necessary to submit the lien release to the Maryland MVA. A new title will be printed without mentioning a lien holder.
  • Title Renewal: Returning Maryland residents don’t have to go through the titling process again. If you return to Maryland after living in another state, you may simply ask for a duplicate of your old Maryland title. In this case you must submit the current title.

Having an up-to-date title is in your best interest and the state’s best interest.

Title Duplication Considerations

Obtaining a duplicate title from Your Tag and title is a straight forward process. Here are the general requirements.

  • Duplicate Request on Another’s Behalf It is possible to request a duplicate title on another person’s behalf. However, the person making the request must have valid proof of power of attorney, or other document that proves authorization from the owner(s) to request a title. Valid Id from the vehicle owner(s) and the person acting in their behalf is required in order to process the request.
  • Duplicate Title Request on Behalf of a Deceased Person: In order to request a duplicate title, the person requesting the duplicate must submit letters of administration, death certificate and identification.
  • Documentation Requirements: At Your Tag and Title, you are not required to fill out any forms. Simply sign and we will complete the paperwork for you! However, you must always present a copy of your driver’s license or valid identification. Also, and the original title and lien release if it’s available.
  • Where to Go: Obtaining a duplicate title can be a simple process if you visit the right place. We are licensed by the Maryland MVA and can send you on your way in 15 minutes or less.

Call us at (301) 460-1654 or stop by our Rockville office to get your Maryland Duplicate Title today!