Temporary Tags in Maryland

Don’t Wait to Drive Your Vehicle. Get 30 Day Temporary Tags in 10-15 Minutes

Do you have a new vehicle? Is your old vehicle a new addition to the State of Maryland? If so, it is likely that you may need new tags. It is required by law that all Maryland residents possess proper titles and tags for all of their vehicles.

When you purchase a used vehicle in Maryland you are required to have a Maryland State Safety Inspection. If you are unable to obtain the safety inspection prior to titling and registering your vehicle, the State of Maryland issues 30 day temporary tags. These tags allow you to drive legally for 30 days, in which time you are required to have the vehicle inspected. (Please note, these 30 day tags can only be issued once, there are absolutely no extensions).

At Your Tag & Title, we issue temporary tags for your vehicles in 10 to 15 minutes so you can spend less time in a waiting room and more time enjoying your new vehicle.

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